September 25th 2015 | London

About the event

Tech in Ed

How can schools harness the power of technology to enable better, safer and sustainable learning? The Technology in Education Summit, supported by NAACE and Childnet, returns to provide management teams and teachers with expert advice on how to make cost-effective infrastructure investments, improve skills and create 21st century classrooms. 

Why attend?

Delegates at the Technology in Education Summit will benefit from practical tips on tackling the following issues:

  • Identifying user needs: where should schools target spending?
  • Private sector partnerships: how can schools derive more value from relationships with suppliers?
  • Best practice: how are teachers using technology to inspire and inform pupils?
  • ‘Real world’ learning: how can technology help schools prepare pupils for work?
  • Inspections: what value should be attributed to online learning?
  • Achievement: how can schools use technology to measure performance?
  • E-safety: ensuring technology is utilised appropriately
  • Cyber bullying: what provisions should schools make for SEN pupils?
  • Child sexual exploitation: what preventative action are schools taking?


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